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Marlow Volunteer Fire Department
1019 Oliver Springs Hwy
Clinton, TN 37716
Marlow Volunteer Fire Department Store
Reflective Sign

When it comes to emergency response, "Every second counts." The difference between life and death might depend on just a few precious seconds.

911 reflective address signs located along the street clearly mark your address for emergency responders, enabling them to arrive in the most expedient manner, both day and night. Made of the same tough materials as road signs these home address signs are reflective in the dark so that ambulance, fire, or police responders won't have to slow down to read your address at night.

We will are in the process of adding additional merchandise to our website for purchase. Check back soon for official department t-shirts and more.
Full size shoulder patch measuring 3 7/8 inches tall by 3 7/8 inches wide.
Hat size patch measuring 2.5 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide.